Mayday Mayday, 29 May – 21 June 2023

Twenty four artists presented ‘Mayday Mayday’ on RAG’s Instagram page @riversideartistsgroup. Each day a new image was shown. Artists were asked to give a two-word title to echo the theme and to explain their work. These are shown beneath the images.

‘Mayday Mayday’ references the international distress call. Conceived in the early 1920s, Mayday originates from the French m’aidez (‘help me’). Currently the feeling we are in crisis has never been stronger. Efforts to manage one’s affairs become harder, politicians use double-talk, the conflict in Ukraine presents danger and the climate crisis is a reality. Innovative and diverse, RAG’s images reflect our times. 

Devised by G Calvert, Celia Toler, Mike Abrahams and Felicity Swan: Posting Lucille Dweck, Sena Shah, Josie Deighton.