RAG presents a new exhibition Many Rivers to Cross which opens at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith from 2 September – 2 October 2022.

Thirty artists exhibit work in response to the real and metaphorical nature of rivers, made in collaboration with other selected artists, literary figures, objects or app. The exhibition is part of the Totally Thames Festival 2022 and the programme includes a variety of free public workshops, funded by Arts Council England.

RAG artists: Mike Abrahams, Susan Bazin, Lynne Beel, Clare Belfield, Peter Blegvad, Natalia Bobrova, G Calvert, Stephen Carter, Grazyna Cydzik, Brian Deighton, Josie Deighton, Lucille Dweck, Shona Elrick, Chloe Fremantle, Máire Gartland, Saadeh George, Sarah Granville, Aude Grasset, Janey Hagger, Anton Harding, Martin Ireland, Seil Lien, C Morey de Morand, Jane Oldfield, Dee Semple, Sena Shah, Felicity Swan, Celia Toler, Miles Watson, Stephen Williams

Collaborating partners include: Heather Allan, Clive Barger, Frans van den Boogaard, Saul Boyer, Cathy Dineen, Joe Cang, Francesca Giuliano, John Greaves, Pauline Harding, Simon Hiscock, Jackson Holmes, Langston Hughes, Geoff Lee, Shepherd Manyika, Madeleine Marsh, Belinda McKenna-Bicknell, Vanessa Nova Nassar, Araba Ocran, Rita Parniczky, Giacomo Pini, Pam Toler

To download the catalogue of the show, please click here