Shona Elrick

Shona Elrick’s paintings are concerned with how mark making and colour can express an experience or moment within a landscape, whether it is a fleeting glimpse from a train or studies within a familiar landscape. Although Shona lives and works in London, her work is often drawn from frequent visits to her family home in Aberdeenshire Scotland. Suffolk and Cornwall have also been a great source of inspiration. The use of collage within the painting is an integral part of her making process – Shona uses painted newsprint (a by-product of cleaning her brushes) as part of the drawing and structure of her landscapes. The collage adds fresh expressive marks, as well as adding another dimension to the complexity of colour to be woven into the painting.

Arbitrary words found within the newsprint add another layer of meaning and play on serendipity. Her more abstracted paintings are drawn and from ‘landscapes’ seen within the brushstrokes on the newsprint: she states that these ‘found landscapes’ can feel more evocative of place than a more traditional approach.