Seil Lien

Seil Lien is a multi medium artist with varied disciplines of expression primarily using painting and music.

Seil studied visual communications at Robert Gordon’s School of Art after which spent a few pivotal years working with international choreographers and also dancers from Scottish Dance Theatre, Rambert and independent dancers with music on audio and visual collaborative projects.

Making improvised music for dancers directly affected the way in which Seil paints by initiating an ongoing exploration into the visual connection with the unconscious mind and channeling of emotions without intention.

Seil Lien’s album Shatter was released in 2020, her music has appeared on TV programs such as Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Up, Wynonna Earp, River City and a national ad campaign for Boots cosmetics No7. Available – Shatter

Seil Lien is currently working on a project bringing both her music and visual work together.