Martin Ireland

If you drop a stone into a pond and use that as a starting point, then other images will follow, related to that initial impact.’

From time to time I suffer from depression. Instead of taking pills or going to a therapist, I find conciliation in painting which can reveal memories and bring them to the surface. Sometimes I fall into a dark space where I need to focus on exploration and research, rather than making something to sell. As I work on a painting, I’m really formulating ideas about what to do next that will complement other works in progress. You can only find out if something works by tying it and improving on it.  I’m never really satisfied about my technical abilities and am constantly looking for improving techniques and new materials. This might explain why I sometimes work up images in series. Each one is different but linked to the previous image. The work done during the pandemic reflect the isolation and uncertainties that people have felt.

Martin Ireland 2021.


Exhibitions Include:

Raw Perspectives’, Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London (2019), ‘London Visions’, Leyden Gallery, London, (2018), ‘The Male Perspective’, Menier Gallery, Southwark (2017), ‘Nude for Thought’, Nolias Gallery, Southwark (2014), ‘Kink: The Seduction of Art’, Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Los Angeles. (2010), ‘Back to the river’, River & Rowing Museum, Henley (2008), ‘Le Dessin-Expressions’, Alexandre Mottier Galleries, Geneva (2006), ‘Impressions’, Concourse Galleries, Barbican, London (1992), ‘Exposures’, St Judes Gallery, Kensington, London (1988).