Josie Deighton

Josie Deighton’s work is anchored in drawing and the body. Whether she is drawing, painting or animating, the figure is the focus. Her works capture particular states of mind, evoking how it feels, over how it looks.

Born in London in 1991 she attended Sussex Coast College Art Foundation. Subsequently the BA Fine Art at Birmingham City University. Her degree show, 18 figures across a 26ft painting, earned her the Pip Seymour painting prize. During her degree she received an Erasmus grant to study in Romania, where she undertook rigorous tutelage in life drawing and painting. In 2014 she was awarded scholarship to the ‘Drawing Year’ at the Royal Drawing School. Whilst there she focused on anatomical and observational drawing, which gave her the confidence to draw with greater freedom and directly from imagination.

Hence she finds teaching life drawing a greatly rewarding and enjoyable experience. She currently runs classes for London Drawing, Drawing at Work and The Royal Over-Seas League.

  • @josie.deighton