Helen Scalway

I originally trained as a sculptor in the 1990s at Kingston (B.A.) and Chelsea (M.A.), but drawing has always been my main means of expression because it is great for thinking with. Painting is now becoming important as well. I completed the Turps Banana Correspondence course in 2022, which has been beneficial, really thought-provoking.

I’m interested in how we each make and perceive our own space, our own worlds. Particularly I am trying to conjure up some spaces of the (western) house and its contents, not in a literal way but where house stands for mind, for self; domestic spaces dreamed into and explored as manifestations of identity, a form of spatialised portraiture, a quite different approach from conventional face portraiture.  A house may include attics and cellars leading to underworlds… so, the mythology of the ancient world is also important to me, as are fairy tales and tales of enchantment, magic gateways to places which give us glimpses of things concealed within us.

I was associated as a visual artist with various university Geography departments for many years and have also worked with the V&A. I have shown in many exhibitions in the UK, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, in the USA and France.