Greta Wakil

Painting is an adventure to an unknown world and new ideas and concepts develop along the way.  My paintings usually evolve out of the assimilation of stored information gathered through all my senses over a period of time.

My paintings are a reflection of life experiences from the countries I have lived in and visited: Mesopotamia and its ancient sites, the marshlands of the south of Iraq, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the mountainous landscapes of Northern Iraq.  I work mainly in oil and water colour.   My work generally does not fit in a compartment.  It is whatever captivates my imagination at the moment.   Presently I am thinking of the world we live in and the environment we are creating.   All is connected – life, earth, sky and beyond.   My intention is to use images, colour and form to ask questions about the environment and the human condition and try to create some order out of a chaos of ideas.

My education has been at Birkbeck College, University of London, where I studied History of Art and Architecture concentrating mainly on Renaissance Art in Italy.  I have exhibited in the south of England and London with RAG and other groups.