Astrite Vula

Born in Gjakovë, Kosovo, Astrite (Ah-STREET-Ah) Vula is a Twickenham-based freelance artist. Her design expertise has been honed through a tapestry of influences and cultures, most recently whilst living in the UK and Spain. Formal background includes; holder of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, Part 2. Installation & Performing Arts expertise, accompanied by curation, narration and direction.

Work experience includes; Multimedia professional – experience in video & book production, branding, installation, web design, photographic curator, theatre arts and archivist. Mediums; digital, canvas, oils, acrylic, fabrics, printmaking, modelling & sculpture.

Currently developing an organic collection of 4-Dimensional paintings to exhibit in Summer 2023, called Narrative Maps from Lands. The works are a kaleidoscope of expressionism, movement, texture, layering and shape. They feature a Changing-of-Perspective & an Ever-Changing-View, juxtaposed to and inspiring the viewer to look Between-the-Lines and to be in a constant state of rediscovery.

This concept is rooted in and takes artistic license from Roland Barthes’ Post-Structuralism Theoretical Framework described in his 1967 essay, “The Death of the Author” and Birth of the Reader. Astrite’s main subjects of study, Abstract and Surrealism, have led her to develop many conceptual experiments into projects and products.