We are run by our artists.

We provide a network to exchange ideas and information. Since our creation, we have organised many exhibitions in public and commercial spaces, and instigated projects in the UK and abroad.



Exhibition at the London Institute of Physics


RAG organised the exhibition “Then and Now” in Ourense (Spain), 9 years after a first show at the same museum


RAG was the only group of artists to represent the UK at the 6th Songzhuang Culture & Art Festival in Beijing.


RAG promoted a major touring exhibition of contemporary Russian.

10 RAG artists worked for a month with Russian artists in the House of Creativity near Moscow.

2015El Camino Exhibition dedicated to José Suarez

The “Camino” exhibition was dedicated to José Suarez, a founder member of RAG who sadly died earlier this year.

The title, “El Camino” is Spanish for “path”, “way”, “road”, “trail”, etc. and was chosen because José was from Galicia, close to the pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostela.  It can also be considered symbolic of our personal and artistic journeys.

José Suarez, as well as being generously involved in all of RAG’s exhibitions since 1986, personally organised and co-ordinated 6 major museum shows and a residency programme in Galicia between 1996 and 2014.

C Morey de Morand writes :

“José’s artistic talent was grounded by his early drawings and fine figurative portraiture, inspired by fellow countryman Joan Miro, from whom José then embarked on his own dedicated, oeuvre of impressive dramatic abstract painting. In every exhibition they were unmissable….

Jose Suarez was a rare thing, a kind likeable, proud man with time and generosity to help and support others whilst always being true to his own art.

In the press

"London’s Riverside Artists Group features in two exhibitions, one in London and another in Madrid, in a juxtaposition that, somewhat coincidentally, raises important and pressing questions as to what it will be like for living contemporary artists exhibiting in mainland Europe when Britain leaves the European Union."

Art Criticism Today, June 8, 2016

"In the group, there is tolerance, through an acceptance of difference, that allows individuality to flourish. Many of RAG’s exhibitions have been self-selected, leaving it up to the artists to take responsibility for what they show."

Cassone. The International Online Magazine of Art and Art Books. December 2013

"The RAG artists’ works show with inspiring clarity how approaches to art, subject matter and media can differ from artist to artist. The curating and organising of the group’s shows usually is a culmination of much careful — and collegiate — consideration. Refreshingly, the resulting exhibitions demonstrate a unity within that diversity."

Sunny Art Studio, March 2012

"Notable characteristics of the RAG are the high level of specialized studies and the wide multiculturalism of its members. In addition, its militancy is more dedicated to basic traditional techniques than always to new technologies."

La Voz de Galicia, August 2011