RAG Members: Maire Gartland with Janey Hagger, Felicity Swan, Shona Elrick, Martin Ireland and Saadeh George

Congratulations to Maire: She have been successful in her funding application for the Arts Council grant for the River community based projects. Maire will be running a ceramic workshop in a school in July to kick start ‘River’. In September she has a further three community workshops lined up with Janey  Hagger working with her. These will be at the Museum of Water and Steam in Brentford. All through September we will be showing the pieces from the workshops as an ongoing installation together with a few pieces of River related artwork from some of the Rag River Group at Maire Gartland’s studio, adjacent to the museum. This will include a piece by Saadeh George made from plastic recovered from the river.
Image: Maire Gartland ‘Turner on the Thames’ Mixed media

Open every weekend during September, otherwise confirm your visit with Maire on mairegartland@hotmail.co.uk
Maire’s studio: (point number 8) Studio 5, London Museum of Water and Steam, Green Dragon Lane TW8 OEN