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The artists contemplate the awakening from the dreamlike times that have confronted us. For the visitor, the excitement of a real exhibition set in ACAVA’s beautiful top-lit Central Space Gallery in Shepherds Bush is intensified through the textures of paint and the feel of real-space sculpture and assemblage. With each artist providing up to four artworks that are also for sale, it is an opportunity for our increasing audience and collectors to enjoy a range of small to medium sized works.

Central Space Gallery, 23-29 Faroe Road, London W14 0EL
From: 14-31 July 2021 Wednesday-Sundays 12-6pm
Please book your visit by calling Susan Bazin on 07711 670718 or email: susan@bazin5.com
Or, on arrival, you will be greeted by one of our invigilators who will take your details.
Please wear a facemask.

To see the online exhibition click here