Peter Blegvad

Peter Blegvad- writer, artist, cartoonist, songwriter, broadcaster, born in New York City, 1951. Lives in Shepherds Bush with painter Chloe Fremantle. Taught creative writing at Warwick University, was Senior Tutor in Visual Writing at the RCA and has taught at other institutions in the UK and abroad. An introduction to his life-long epistemological project Imagine, Observe, Remember is online at

“Peter Blegvad… navigates the transitions between three modes of experience: ‘Imagined, Observed, Remembered’. Our imaginations are based on our experience, and even though we see the same things every day, the actual experience is always an anomaly. Blegvad’s drawings depict before during and after experiencing them.” — Baruch Gottlieb

Related works have been exhibited in Kunstverein Hannover and Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (2004), in the Kunsthalle Luzern (2007), in Extra City, Antwerp (2010), West den Haag (2017), EIGEN + ART LAB, Berlin, and elsewhere.

“The Book of Leviathan” (a collection of the comic strip he drew from 1992-1999 for the Independent on Sunday), is published by Sort Of Books (in English) and is also available in Chinese and French.

His book ‘Kew. Rhone.’ — an illustrated study of the eponymous ‘concept album’ by Blegvad and John Greaves (1977) — is published by Uniformbooks.

His latest album of songs is ‘Go Figure’ (2017) on the ReR MegaCorp label.