Josie Deighton

I exhibit in London, the UK and internationally. My work is in public and private collections. I teach life drawing in several classes across London. I welcome commissions, collaborations and questions.

In 2009 I began to make work about the gaze using sound installation. A large part of my work examines the power play between subject and object. The visual dialogue between the artist, artwork and audience.

I studied Fine art at Birmingham City University, developing this theme further and across different media; film, performance, installation, and painting. I also began to run weekly life drawing classes.

In 2012 I was awarded a scholarship to study at the University of Art and Design, in Cluj-Napocca, Romania. I took courses in painting and drawing and began learning anatomy. I also co-founded a live drawing collective, with 4 other international artists. We held 14 public portrait events culminating in 3 exhibitions. I am still influenced by the artists I encountered there who used both rigorous figuration and abstraction.

In 2014 I won a scholarship to the Royal Drawing School in London. I was able to further study anatomy, learn printmaking and draw from life every day, it freed my entire practice. I gradually relied less on accurate source material and carefully constructed compositions as I am now able to draw at instinct speed. I capture ideas as they form, laughing sometimes at what appears on the canvas.

Increased fluency in a visual language allows me to work in ever more diverse in subject matter and style. Part of my work is narrative, part anecdotal, I interpret physical sensations and mental states; excitement, pain, light, etc. Figures can be anomalous, anonymous, androgynous,  recognising the coming of a new species, perhaps, to reflect my identity and humanity generally.  I aspire to create universally relatable truths, experiences and sensations through my subjectively distilled works.