Graham High

GRAHAM HIGH graduated in Fine Art at Leeds University and since then has followed a continuous career both as a painter and as a sculptor.

He has worked in many different media over the years but his subject matter has often raised ecological issues and explores natural processes. His current work concerns itself with light, atmosphere and weather and the dramatic boundary where the land meets the sea along the north Norfolk coast. He is working in two distinct styles simultaneously, one figurative and one abstract. He is also currently engaged with sculpture and installation work exploring the forms and processes of birth.

He has mounted over 40 one-person exhibitions in galleries in the UK as well as major personal expositions in Spain, Russia and Latvia. He has also participated in, maybe, 200 group shows.

In parallel with this activity as a creative artist, Graham has had a high profile career as an Animatronics Model Designer in the feature film industry.  During his 27 years in the movies, Graham has worked on many iconic films. These include: ‘Aliens’; ‘Babe’; ‘Willow’; ‘The English Patient’; ‘101 Dalmatians’;  ‘Labyrinth’ and the ‘Harry Potter’ series.