Jim Sitch

I was born in 1956 in Kensington and both my sister Tracey and I were taught to paint by our mother who had studied landscaping and human/animal form painting at St Martins. While my sister headed down the zoological path of birds, insects and animals I pursued an altogether more abstract approach to art. From an early age I was very interested in surreal, abstract, expressionist drawing and painting. While spending my spare time creating work, I worked mainly in engineering and training, becoming a full-time artist on my retirement in 2010.

From this point on I remained completely focused on the abstract in art producing: Large abstract ‘colour channelling’ acrylic paintings on wooden discs; Miniature and large assemblage pieces from waste ephemera;Clocks with an abstract setting;Collage and ink drawings; Electrical sculptures.

Since 2011 I have exhibited at:Hampton Hill Playhouse – solo exhibition;The Henley Summer Festival;The Bowman Gallery Richmond; Riverside Studios Hammersmith; Chelsea Art College;’Bad Behaviour’ show; Brixton Museo De Ramon Lalin Galicia in Northern Spain; Purbeck Art weeks and open studio events; Dorset Eclectic Abode gallery Dorset;La ‘artishe Gallery and studio, Dorset; Landmark Arts Twickenham.

I have created several art pieces for musical theatre performances including ‘When Midnight Strikes’, ‘La Cage au Folles’, ‘My boy Jack’, ‘Made in Dagenham’ and ‘Zappa’.