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Featured in Monocle

RAG Member: Mike Abrahams

Featured in the Monocle Minute, the story of Abrahams's initiative of one-to-one private views in people’s homes, gardens or parks, as a way to bring art to people if people cannot visit art during Covid restrictions. Much of his work is made from found objects and revolves around the notion of chance. He invites people to choose six numbers out of 59 which will dictate which works he brings to show.

Until: 31 December 2020


RA Winter Exhibition

RAG Members: Lynne Beel and Emma Davis

Tickets £20 – £22. Concessions available.
Everyone, including Friends of the RA, must book a ticket before arriving.
The Royal Academy is closed and will reopen as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

6 October 2020 to 3 January 2021

Enjoy a free virtual tour of the Summer Exhibition while closed.

RAG Lockdown online show

RAG Members: Mike Abrahams, Susan Bazin, Lynne Beel, Natalia Bobrova, G. Calvert, Grazyna Cydzik, Emma Davis, Lucille Dweck, Brian Deighton, Shona Elrick, Saadeh George, Sarah Granville, Jim Sitch, Celia Toler, Greta Wakil and Stephen Williams

The work originated in a proposal by Grazyna Cydzik sent out to RAG members during Lockdown to make one drawing every day for four weeks beginning 25 April. To coincide with the easing of Lockdown in England, the project was extended to 31 May 2020.

There were two constraints: every drawing should take exactly half an hour and was to be made using materials already available at home. The rationale for this was to allow artists to explore their concept of a drawing. Throughout the project most of the group came together weekly on Zoom to resolve ongoing issues. Sixteen RAG members took part, contributing 454 drawings in a variety of media including photographs and film.