From 1 December 2020 - 1 January 2021 see 32 RAG artists contributions to a Winter Calendar on Instagram.

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In Memory of Romy Rey 1938 –2020

Romy Rey was a RAG member since 1998 and a familiar figure at RAG exhibition openings and at artists’ talks in the UK and in Spain, most recently in ‘Riverside at Riverside’ at Riverside Studios, January 2020. Romy was a serious artist who produced surrealistic, strongly coloured oil paintings often with an ethnographical content. She had a special interest in tribal art and the pre-Columbian cultures. 

“As a painter, I am fascinated by our perception of reality. Some of my paintings are a re-interpretation of landscapes visited during my travels, others render familiar elements in variable scales and combinations or portray images of ancient or tribal objects in imaginary settings.”

Romy Rey was born in Zurich, Switzerland, studied in Paris and Geneva, travelled widely, and settled in London in the early 1960s where she was a partner in two bookshops in Hampstead and Richmond. She shared her life with the artist, Brian Davies (1942-2014) in London and in the house they restored in Southern France. A strong woman, seen as unconventional and bohemian by some, who lived life on her own terms but was also well loved by family and friends who enjoyed her intellect and hospitality. We will miss her.

 Brian Deighton, Chair

Unfinished business

RAG Members: Mike Abrahams, Brian Deighton, Josie Deighton and G. Calvert

Spread across three 'deliberately unfinished' or shell 'houses', 13 artist exhibit their work in response to the theme of unfinished business.
Image: Josie Deighton / Mike Abrahams

From: January to  28 February 2021
Address: 58-62 Blenheim Grove, Peckham, London SE15 4QL
To see the show, please email: to arrange your visit


RAG Members: G. Calvert, Grazyna Cydzik, Emma Davis, Josie Deighton, Saadeh George, Marianne Moore and Miles Watson

Seven RAG members are participating in a ‘Response’ project set up by Grazyna Cydzik. Each artist makes one new artwork and then sends it to the group; each artist then chooses one work to respond to; this is again sent to the group who choose and responds again. This process of making two artworks per month, sending them to the group will continue until end February 2021 by which time each artist would have made eight artworks. The final works by each artist will feature here when #atadistance completed.

Images L to R: Grazyna Cydzik’s response to Emma Davis / Marianne Moore to Grazyna / Josie Deighton to Grazyna

From: 1 November 2020 to 28 February 2021

Chiswick in Pictures

RAG Members: Natalia Bobrova and Sarah Granville

Natalia is showing three photographs in the Chiswick in Pictures exhibition with a group of local artists including RAG member Sarah Granville. The exhibition is curated by The Chiswick Calendar.

Until: 24 January 2021

Address: Clayton Hotel Chiswick, 626 Chiswick High Rd, W4 5RY

Work in progress

RAG Member: Lucille Dweck

Painting a very large private commission bound for a home in LA in January 2021.

RA Winter Exhibition

RAG Members: Emma Davis and Lynne Beel continue to show work at the RA

Image: Emma Davis with her work at the RA

From: 6 October 2020 to 3 January 2021

Enjoy a free virtual tour of the Summer Exhibition while closed

Artsime’s Winter Exhibition

RAG Member: Felicity Swan

Felicity is part of a new online group exhibition, organised by Siméon Artamonov of Artsime. She is showing two drawings and two oil paintings and, with six other artists, there are 40 works that can be viewed on walls around Simeon’s virtual gallery. is a unique art viewing platform that offers a professional, high-quality online gallery experience for artists and visitors alike.

From: 7 to 21 December 2020

RAG’s Winter Calendar on Instagram

32 members will each show an image on a randomly selected date. To see this, please go to Instagram: @riversideartistsgroup. Open the number and swipe left to see that day’s image.

From: 1 December 2020 to 1 January 2021

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Huddle Winter Art Show

RAG Members: Natalia Bobrova, Joanna Brendon, Grazyna Cydzik, Brian Deighton, Clare Ellen, Renata Fernandez, Chloe Fremantle, Sarah Granville, Martin Ireland and Jim Sitch 

The new Winter Art Show at Huddle in partnership with H&F Arts Fest, will open on 7 December (to be confirmed).

From: 7 December 2020 to April 2021
Address: 4th Floor, 3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, W6 8DA
All are welcome to see the show, please advise by email: to arrange your visit

Imagine, Observe, Remember 

Imagine, Observe, Remember by RAG Member Peter Blegvad
Designed by Colin Sackett. Published by Uniformbooks in association with Amateur Enterprises.

Over 250 illustrations in both colour and b/w, printed on four different paper stocks. Imagine, Observe, Remember is partly a memoir, a portrait of the artist as he develops his craft from what is possibly his first drawing to his current status of seasoned practitioner. It is also a series of meditations, observations, quotes, images and instructions that will constitute a valuable resource for artists, writers, teachers and any reader who agrees that the uncharted wilderness within is worthy of exploration.

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